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The TOTAL ATHLETE TRAINING Program to Help Your Athlete Run Faster, Move Quicker, and Play Stronger!



If your athlete needs an extra push to realize their full potential, you are in the right place!
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A MESSAGE FROM: Dan Bessetti, Owner and Head Coach

Welcome to Total Athlete Training, TAT!

I have been immersed in coaching athletes to reach their athletic potential since the late 1990's.  With stops along the way at Division I and Division II universities, I coached thousands of talented athletes in sports ranging from football to softball and from basketball to lacrosse.  I have been fortunate to experience firsthand the pinnacle of athleticism - coaching and  developing the abilities of athletes that went on to play professionally in baseball, soccer, baskeball, and football.

But enough about me...TAT is here to help YOUR ATHLETE!

What we do now at TAT is help local youth and high school athletes reach their athletic potential!  Our training program is modeled after the college and elite level, but regressed and developmentally appropriate for the youth and high school athlete.   

Whether your athlete is 10 or 18 years old, a high school all conference performer or struggling to get playing time in youth sports, our program will help them reach their potential.  

You will be amazed at the growth of your athlete in our program.  I personally guarantee it.  

Dan Bessetti
Owner and Head Coach


We work with a small groups of athletes in a coaching intensive environment.  In order to deliver the results-based experience our program is known for, we can only accept a limited number of new athletes at a time.

So don't miss out and take advantage of this opportunity now!

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"Dan Bessetti excels at coaching a wide variety of athletes - from NFL prospects to international tennis players.  His programs are well designed and produce results."

-Ed Ellis, Former Director of Strength and Conditioning, University of Central Florida

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"So much to say about Dan and his staff!  All of them understand the importance in their role and desire to positively impact children's lives!  We had our son with TAT over the summer and I can truly say it is money well spent.  Dan and his great group of coaches will get your son or daughter to be quicker, stronger, and just a better mindset than when they first started.  I highly recommend TAT to anyone who has a child who is serious about becoming a better athlete."

- Deanna Grissom & Michael Hall

The Qualities YOUR ATHLETE will develop as a


Your athlete will be taught how to sprint correctly to maximize their ability to cover ground and make plays!


Overall systemic strengthening of your athlete will make their sport actions faster and more powerful!


Your athlete will develop the movement skills to explosively change direction quickly and efficiently!


Your athlete will develop better body awareness, balance, and overall athleticism!


Learn how to think like an athlete!  Your athlete's focus, perseverance, and confidence will increase in our program.


Your athlete will be able to play at full speed an entire game, double-header, and weekend while warding off injuries.

How YOUR ATHLETE will be Coached

• Developmentally Appropriate Coaching
A 10, 13, and 16 year old are all at different stages of physical and mental maturity and our training system takes that into account with different approaches for each.

• Professional Coach / Athlete Ratio
We keep our groups small enough to provide individual attention but large enough to save significant money over the cost of one-on-one performance training.

• Mentorship and Guidance
Our head coach and head assistant coach have worked at the college and professional sports levels.  You and your athlete will receive straight forward and honest evaluation on where your athlete's ability lies and the work required to reach their goals.  


If We Can't Help Your Athlete Improve, It's Free.

We are looking for families that are a good fit for TAT!  TAT families and athletes are generally:
     HIGH ACHIEVERS:  Honor roll students are the norm at our facility!
     INVOLVED: Our parents are investing in their children and seeking
                       high quality experiences!

     COMMITTED: TAT families understand the importance and                                    necesssity of putting in focused hard work over time!      

If your athlete attends all the sessions of their 2-week test drive with at least one parent in attendance inside our facility observing the sessions....and you don't think our program will help your athlete get better...tell me and I will happily refund your money.

"A lot of people look at this as an expense, but I looked at it as an investment.  My son just signed a Division I football scholarship worth about $150,000.  Believe me I didn't invest near that much with TOTAL ATHLETE TRAINING, but without TOTAL ATHLETE TRAINING I don't believe he would have achieved that goal."

Chris Skersick,


    2 per week

    • Scientifically Proven Results-Based Training Program.
    • Coaches with Collegiate and Professional Sports Experience.
    • Professional Coach to Athlete Ratio.
    • Developmentally Appropriate Coaching and Training.
    • Have some specific questions about your athlete and situation?
    • See our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What ages do you accept?
We have age-grouped sessions for athletes 9-12, 11-14, 15-18, and 18+.

Q: How long are the training sessions?
Every session is 90 minutes long.

Q: What will the training encompass?
All the qualities required to excel in many sports: Speed, Strength, Agility, Coordination, Power, Stamina, and Athletic Mindset.

Q: When does the training occur?
We have age-grouped sessions every evening starting between 5:00 and 7:00 PM.  Your athlete will attend 2x/week on a recurrring appointment basis.

Q: Where is your facility?
Our indoor facility is on Goldenrod Road in east Orlando and is close to both the 408 and 417 expressways.

Q: What happens after the 2 WEEK TEST DRIVE?
If you would like to continue training with us, we will have membership options available for you. Our most successful athletes train with us 4-9 months per year.

Q: This program sounds great. How do I get

Simply click the button below and complete the registration.  In order to keep our groups at a professional coach/athlete ratio, we may not be able to accept all new athletes immediately.  However, registering and paying your TEST DRIVE fee will put you at the top of our waiting list!

Contact me Personally!
Dan Bessetti
Owner and Head Coach
(407) 965-8738

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